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We take pride in every cut and always aim to please while keeping your furbaby's best interest in mind. Whether you want a summer shave down, classic trim, or modern look, we're the grooming shop for you!

We do ask that you call ahead if your furbaby is over 70lb to ensure we can accommodate your furbaby.  We have an open floor environment so all the pups mingle, this may not be suited for reactive dogs

The Full Bravado
Our full service groom features our luxury bath and concludes with a full body haircut all over. We also offer add-ons such as de-matting and de-shedding.


Classic Texas Shave down (Style)
Don't be shy, it's okay to ask for a summer shave down to beat the heat and save on grooming trips. Our shave down also includes our luxury bath because every furbaby deserves to be spoiled. 


The Trim Up

This session begins with our featured luxury bath, it includes sanitary cleaning and a trim of your dog's face, feet and any loose hairs. This Mini-Groom will help to prolong your pet's Full Bravado Groom for a bit longer. Also great for long, full-coated dog.

Our Luxury Bath
​We start off by using a blue berry facial rinse, followed by a hypo-allergenic shampoo and remoisturizing conditioner to revitalize the skin and coat. Included in the session: nail trim/grind, ear cleaning and anal glands expressed. Afterwards, your furbaby is fluffed dry, brushed and combed which completes the process. Additional shampoo options are available such as Skout's Honor, Neem Bath, flea treatment and coat brightening.

Nails Only $10
​Come on by for just a quick nail trim. We clip and grind. Please note we stop before the quick to prevent harm to your furbaby's nails. Walk in nail trims between 8 am - 4 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sundays. 

Text us for an appointment !